In this article, Dr. David Moon and Peter McWilliams are the featured inductees in the Allen Park High School Alumni Hall of Fame. They were "enshrined" (funny word, eh?) on June 2, 1984. I will share the parts about Peter, thanks to Joan Mattson, Staff Writer:

"..The 1984 honorees are Dr. David Moon of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Peter McWilliams of New York, N.Y. They were inducted into the Hall of Fame during June 2 commencement exercises of Allen Park High School. Both inductees were presented with plaques, and identical plaques were added to the permanent Hall of Fame showcase in the high school's main hall.

According to Allen Park High School Principal Michael Ferguson, who was instrumental in establishing the PRIDE Committee, the honorees were selected from among a number of outstanding candidates on the basis of their achievements since high school in either their vocations or in the area of service to their communities or fellow men. (So appropos, considering Peter has done SO much for humanity, hasn't he?)

With all due respect to Dr. David Moon, let's move on to the Peter Part:

"McWilliams, a member of the 1967 class of Allen Park High School is an author, publisher and lecturer. A writer of poetry since high school, McWilliams has authored and published several best sellers, including The T.M. Book, a book on transcendental meditation that reached No. 1 on the book charts. Another best seller of McWilliams was How to Survive the Loss of a Love, of which approximately one million copies were sold. Other McWilliams books include The Personal Computer Book and The Word Processing Book.

...The names of Moon and McWilliams have been added to the those of Dr. David Bisaro and Dr. C John Umbarger, the first inductees to the Allen Park High School Alumni Hall of Fame."