Huh? Mr. President

When Clinton vetoed the Washington D.C. budget for a variety of reasons, including its ban on medical marijuana, he sent this message to Congress, bureaucratically titled: "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2000--VETO MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (H. DOC. NO. 106-135) (House of Representatives - September 28, 1999)"

No, he never used the m-m words; He phrased it thus:

"--Controlled Substances. The bill would prohibit the District from legislating with respect to certain controlled substances, in a manner that all States are free to do."

Uh, the states are free to legalize medical marijuana. Right. And Clinton's Justice Department is free to come into those states and arrest those who try to take advantage of that legislation. I get it.

I guess this country is a whole lot freer than I thought!