How to Survive the Loss of a Love: Author's Notes

When an emotional injury takes place,

            the body begins a process

              natural as the healing

                 of a physical wound.

             Let the process happen.

                    Trust the process.

                     Surrender  to it.

Trust that nature will do the healing.

        Know that the pain will pass,

                and, when it passes,

                 you will be stronger,

 happier, more sensitive and aware.




-understanding/acceptance/moving on



-a part of the healing process

the fear that I would

come home one day and

find you gone has turned

into the pain of the


"What will I do if it happens?"

 I would ask myself.

What will I do

 now that it



You Will Survive

in my sleep

I dreamed

you called. you said

you were moving bac

with your old lover.

you said you thought a

phone call would be the

cleanest way to handle it,

"it" being what we could

never see each other

again, and that I should

 understand why.

I moved to wake

myself and found I wasn't

sleeping after all.

my life became

a nightmare.


It's OK to Feel


leaves grow.

love grows.


love dies.

I drive away,

tears in my eyes.

Bugs commit suicide on my windshield.


leaves fall.

I fall.


I die.

I drive away,

nothing in my eyes.

Snowflakes commit suicide on my windshield.

You're Great!

-you are good

-you are whole

-you are beautiful

just because you are.

I am Joy.

I am everything.

I can do all things but two:

1. forget that I love you.

2. forget that you no longer love me.


The Question of Suicide


Keep it a question.

It's not really an answer.


Your Happiness is Up to You

                                I am worthy.

I am worthy of my life and

all the good that is in it.

I am worthy of

my friends and their friendship.

I am worthy of spacious skies, amber waves

of grain and purple mountain majesties

above the fruited plain. (I am worthy, too,

of the fruited plain.)

I am worthy of a degree of happiness

that could only be referred to as

"sinful" in less enlightened times.

I am worthy of creativity,

sensitivity and appreciation.

I am worthy of peace of mind, peace on Earth,

peace in the valley and a piece of the action.

I am worthy of God's presence in my life.

                    I am worthy

                    of my love.