Notes on Love Two

Here is a wonderful example of Peter's great sense of humor. A few of you might not be familiar with one Peter's earliest works, Love Two. Here is the note Peter writes in the very beginning. I hope it brings a smile to your face, as it did for me. Goes to show us not only was he funny, he was a great salesperson too!

Note: I am typing the punctuation/spelling exactly the way it originally appears.

"NOTE: peter McWilliams has wavered his right to write an introduction to this book so that this page may remain blank and thus the asthetic beauty of the book as a whole may come through.

If he were to write an introduction he would no doubt suggest you read "Come Love with me and be my Love" before reading this book. It's not really necessary, but it helps.

He would also thank BARRY M. VENER for the use of his money.