Authors' Notes:

Welcome. Our goal is to make this book brief, practical and to the point.  The last thing a person with depression wants is an intricate tome, heavy with footnotes, citations, Latin words, and sentences such as "Depression is a biopsychosocial disorder, sometimes treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors."

We have also included quotes from people, some well known and some not, across many cultures and centuries, to show that depression-and the desire to heal it-is a deeply human and universal experience.

Our approach to the treatment of depression is twofold. Each part is equally important.

*One is healing the brain, as current medical research points to biochemical imbalances in the brain as the seat of depression.

* The other is healing the mind-overcoming negative habits of thought and action which may cause, or be caused by, depression.

Treating the brain and the mind is the most effective way to heal depression. Recent medical and psychological breakthroughs make depression among the most successfully treatable of all serious illnesses.

             -Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.- &- Peter McWilliams--