by: Dale Macklin   

Review on "You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought"

This book inspires life-giving psychological principles of happiness. The most outstanding feature of this book is that it conveys the nature of happiness simply, uniquely and comprehensively that is very entertaining in the process. This book explains essential principles of the expenses of negative thinking and the art of positive thinking and living in the solution. It is distinguished from the many mirages of self-help books that have aspired and evaporated in the quest for happiness, hope and purpose amidst "life-threatening illnesses – including life!

Once in a while a book is written that intriguingly creates the ingredients of the so often illusive recipe of being happy and provides many laughs and happy thoughts along the way. As a University teacher of Psychology, Research Author and Reviewer of Happiness Research it is often a necessity and sometimes a passion to extensively read many fields of thoughts, analyses, theories, dreams, wisdoms, aspirations and inspirations of many who give their life to individual and universal happiness and peace.

For many years this ‘handbook’ has been a precious gem in the minefields of literature and life and refreshingly remains so today. Thank you for this gift of life!

~Dale Macklin,  

University of South Australia, School of Psychology.