“I am familiar with some of the works of Peter McWilliams (R.I.P.). I had one of his  early books, "How to Survive the Loss of a Love" w-a-y back in the day, and not only  used it to help heal my own heart (more than once), but traded it back-and-forth among  another friend of mine as we learned how to love and to survive in relationships. It was  a personal treasure and I hope it's still on my bookshelf at home.

I'm also familiar with the brave and loving spirit of Peter McWilliams as I used to  receive some of his emails as he navigated and endured the 'medical marijuana' road  as  a patient and as an activist and spokesman/author. My heart ached for him, and  then broke, as I read the news of his passing under some of the most inhumane legal  and  medical conditions imaginable. He lives in my conscious awareness as a true  pioneer  and a personal hero. It's a great pleasure to be reminded of his life, and a deep  pain/inspiration to be reminded of his untimely and painful passing. Peter carried high  the torch of freedom and compassion to the very end of his life. That Julia continues to run a tribute page for Peter sounds like something that I would be honored  to read and

make a contribution to.

Much love and respect to you and Julia ~ and to the memory of a beloved man, Peter  McWilliams ~

~Roger Christie