The Portable LIFE 101

by Peter McWilliams

(c) 1995, Prelude Press

available: www.mcwilliams.com

If you have a short attention span, or if you are simply short on time then I feel this book is for you. In these hazy, frizzy days of Summer The Portable Life 101 is quite comfortable enough to curl up with.. whether you're baking on the beach or revving up the engines to take a road trip.  

I love the easy-to-read big print and the easy-to-digest lessons painted on each page.

Portable Life 101 is like having access to the 'Cliff Notes' to Life 101. Except, here, you won't feel like you're cheating by taking shortcuts the author himself is offering you! :)

When Peter's subtitle states "179 essential lessons," he cuts straight to the point.  Each page is adorned with an awesome quote ranging from the quirky Woody Allen to the amazing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peter's reasoning ranges from why traditional schooling doesn't really work, to the process of really learning, plus three wisdomous rules for life in general. Sometimes Peter sums it up in just one simple yet salient sentence, i.e. Lesson 177: "Loving is the greatest teacher."

Just as this review is short and sweet, so is Peter's book!!! In a word, this book rocks!

Life Lessons, excerpt from Mc Call’s, March 1994